Born as a new, modern take on an old industry.

We're breathing life into the financial industry by discarding the parts that are broken and bringing a fiduciary service model to everyone.

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The service model of the industry is was backwards.

Most firms exclude people who need financial help the most. It’s common for firms like us to require a minimum portfolio size of $1,000,000. The remaining options available to this group may be expensive, difficult to understand, or delivered by someone who isn’t acting in the client’s best interest.

There’s no reason the wealth management industry should be exclusive or intimidating.

Our goal is to empower you
and bring clarity to your financial situation.

RhineVest was created to bring fee-only, fiduciary advice to the people who need it most. Our team uses an advanced technology platform, which allows us to serve smaller balance clients more effectively. This allows us to spend more time on the issues that matter to you and less time pushing paperwork.

Find Your Clarity
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What does RhineVest mean?

Industry change from the heart of Over-the-Rhine.

Over-the-Rhine was once the working-class neighborhood of Cincinnati, and to this day is home to one of the largest preserved collections of historical architecture in the United States. Following the turmoil of Prohibition and World War II, many residents moved to the suburbs, leaving these buildings abandoned or neglected for nearly 50 years.

Like many Midwestern cities, we've experienced an urban revival that has transformed these buildings into something beautiful and new. A fresh, clean exterior built on top of old bones. It's created a neighborhood unlike anything else in the city - attracting people and businesses from all walks of life. We take pride in the fact that we're changing this industry from the heart of Over-the-Rhine.

Brad Felix, CFA, Portfolio Manager Headshot
Brad Felix, CFA
Portfolio Manager
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Andrew Damcevski, CFP®
Financial Planner
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Devon Klumb, CFP®, BFA
Financial Planner
Claire Beams, CFP®, CPA, Financial Planner - Headshot
Claire Beams, CFP®, CPA
Financial Planner

Fee-only, fiduciary advice for the people who need it most.

We’re the outcasts. We never fit in at the banks, the insurance companies, or other investment firms. We’re the ones who couldn’t ignore our conscience to sell lucrative financial products. All of us believe there’s a better way. That’s why we exist.

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