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Financial Planning


  • Define your financial goals with an advisor
  • Portfolio allocations for your outside accounts
  • Personalized advice to achieve your goals
  • Regular access to a CFP® professional

Investment Management


  • Simple fee for all RhineVest accounts
  • Low-cost, exchange-traded fund (ETF) portfolios
  • Intelligent rebalancing and tax-loss harvesting

Pricing per household

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RhineVest Supports These Accounts:

Individual Accounts

Joint Accounts

Trust Accounts

Traditional, Roth, & SEP IRAs

IRA, 401(k), & 403(b) Rollovers

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What types of accounts are supported?

We support most accounts: individual, joint, trust, IRAs, and rollovers. RhineVest provides guidance on outside accounts including 401(k), 403(b), and 529 plans. If you're looking to transfer an employer-sponsored plan, we can help facilitate a roll-over.

Will I be working with a financial advisor?

Yes! Meeting with an advisor, virtually or in-person, allows us to tailor your investment portfolio to your unique financial goals and personality. We’ll work with you to outline specific financial goals (building a safety net, saving for a new house, retirement planning, etc.) and coach you throughout the process.

How much do I need to open an account?

We believe everyone should have access to intelligent financial advice. At RhineVest, there are no minimum balances required to open an account.

Why was RhineVest founded?

Learn more about why RhineVest was founded here.

What custodians do you recommend?

RhineVest sponsors a program that uses MTG, LLC, operating under the trade name Betterment Securities, as its custodian. Betterment Securities is a registered FINRA and SIPC member broker/dealer.

How is my personal information protected online?

We know how important it is to keep your information safe. We use secure socket layer (SSL) technology to establish a secure link and encrypt information transferred between our servers and your browser. Our custodian, Betterment Securities, employs bank-level encryption technology. You can read about it here.

How will my portfolio be invested?

RhineVest’s core principles are rooted in the belief that individual investors are best served by a low-cost, passive investment strategy. More specifically, our philosophy is guided by the belief that low-cost, passive management via a portfolio of exchange-traded funds (ETFs), outperforms active management on an after-tax, net-of-fees basis. Read more here.